Program review process is an attempt to evaluate the performance of curricula, departments, faculty, and students. The objective is to determine the viability and academic effectiveness.

“Academic reviews provide an opportunity for each academic unit to reflect, self-assess, and plan; they generate in-depth communication between the unit and the university administration, thus offering a vehicle to inform planning and decision-making… By stimulating program planning and encouraging strategic development, academic program reviews can be a central mechanism to advance the University mission.” Brown University’s Academic Program Review Guidelines and Procedures

Blackboard Learn provides a number of ways to facilitate the program review process. The Goals and Outcomes product has been operational for the last 10 yrs. In addition, the Learn user community can also explore a different product from Blackboard, the EAC Visual Data announced some time ago.

It is possible to use Blackboard Rubrics with Blackboard Data and implement a DIY program review system. This will not provide the artifacts for accreditation process, but it will allow instructors to be intentional about evaluating student performance. The evaluation will be based on program objectives, not just on selected assignments or activities, which often only apply to course objectives.

The basic idea is to create a rubric, which aligns with program goals. This rubric is then assigned to a specific course (or course group). The column is hidden from students and excluded from course grade total. The course instructor grades each student via the rubric. The course total achieved in the class, does not necessarily equal the instructor’s evaluation of how well the student met program objectives in the course.

The production process steps:

  1. Select the course to evaluate.
  2. Import template that includes Grade Center column with the custom program review rubric
  3. The instructor completes the rubric for each student
  4. Execute Blackboard Data report to summarize the results for each student in the course being evaluated

Sample of program review rubric:

Rubric embedded in the column called “BA Program Assessment”

And now the report in Blackboard Data, which pulls courses with a specific Grade Center column. Our column is called “BA Program Review”. Each program objective will have it’s own rubric and it’s own key column name. This will produce a report that shows how each student scored on the specific program goal.

c.course_number,,e.score, e.possible_score, e.modified_time,
p.first_name, p.last_name,, p.stage:batch_uid::string as UIN

cdm_lms.evaluable_item ei,
cdm_lms.evaluation e,
cdm_lms.person p, CDM_LMS.person_course pc,
cdm_lms.course c

e.evaluable_item_id =
and e.evaluable_course_item_id in
(select from cdm_lms.evaluable_course_item eci
where eci.course_item_id in (
select from cdm_lms.course_item ci
where =’BA Program Assessment’

e.person_course_id = and
and pc.available_ind=’Y’
and e.type=’RUBRIC_CRITERIA’
and e.row_deleted_time is null

The end result is a report, which details per student their performance on program goals, as evaluated by the course instructor. Student information was masked in the report: