A new tool helps instructors to get quick access to Email, Discussions, and Blackboard Collaborate. This tool is meant for instructors who never used Blackboard before and who normally teach in the classroom. The tutorial recommends to start with Email communication, then Online Discussions. Finally, it points to Collaborate as a way to record and share lectures that were prepared for the classroom.

This infographic shares the main idea of separating Remote Teaching in an emergency situation with Online Teaching, which is scheduled and a planned modality for the University.


Download PDF version of the Venn diagram: Venn diagram

The LTI tool becomes a UI for the instructor.  It displays 3 buttons: Email, Discussions, and Blackboard Collaborate.  These tools provide the minimum necessary to keep momentum running in the course during an emergency.

Academic Continuity Tutorial in Blackboard Original courses:


Academic Continuity Tutorial in Blackboard Original courses:


The selection of the tools to present to the instructor is based on separating classroom techniques, from online learning, and from remote teaching.


The configuration for the LTI tool:

1. Register the domain if you have not already done so:

domain: apps.dataii.com

Register for the global key, secret registered.

2. Create a placement for student & course tool.

URL: https://apps.dataii.com/bb/academiccontinuity/

for Ultra: https://apps.dataii.com/bb/academiccontinuity/?course=ultra

You can use this icon:



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