The new Amazon Alexa skill My Blackboard allows you to say:

Alexa, open My Blackboard.

Alexa, get my grades.

Alexa, get my announcements.


To listen to your course grades and announcements with Amazon Alexa you need to follow these steps:

  1. Enable the Amazon Skill called: My Blackboard for Blackboard Learn
  2. Login to your school’s Blackboard system and find the link Amazon Connection


Create a link in your course called Amazon Connection.

  1. Go to Content -> Web Link
  2. User url: https://apps.dataii.com/bb/alexa/
  3. Select the Tool Provider checkbox

If the system reports that the link is not yet approved, please have your system administrator follow the steps below.

Blackboard Learn Administrators

  1. Make sure your version of Blackboard Learn has REST API **
  2. Navigate to SysAdmin->REST API and enable the REST API integration under
  3. Application ID: 64d9bdfa-22af-4fab-8488-44790a30d57b
  4. Navigate to SysAdmin->Building Blocks->LTI Tool Providers
  5. Approve the LTI domain: apps.dataii.com
  6. No global or course level keys are necessary



An upgrade to the My Blackboard skill is in development right now to allow schools adopt Alexa without REST API.  In the upcoming update: course announcements, letter grades, and my grades brief.